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Focused on K12 English and Academic Education

WayPal English is a joint venture between FLTRP (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press), Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), InterGreat Education Group and a leading online technology company with an aim to become the leading company in K12 online English education. The company was formed in Beijing in August 2017, based upon the international vision and foreign language expertise of Beiwai’s FLTRP. WayPal has had significant input from the Education Faculty of BFSU, BFSU E-Plus K12’s education theory and curriculum development.

In addition, Waypal has the advantage of FLTRP’s publishing rights, InterGreat’s teacher database and system development abilities from a tech-focused company. WayPal’s aim is to promote the concept of “Big R”: an English education, with a focus on reading and creating a brand centred around language attainment, academic attainment and cultural attainment. Big R includes: Prep R, preparation for learning through reading; Smart R, guided reading through one to one lessons with teachers from the UK and US; Great R, using a digitised system of “one book and one test”, combined with an RPG style gamification model and live streams, classes provide an immersive English learning environment to help students make a habit of reading; Super R, using Chinese international curricula (AL, AP, IB) as the focus of learning; centering around STEM and social sciences.

For native-speaking English teachers, WayPal has already established long-term relationships with NATE, University UK International Unit, COBIS, BSA and other such organisations. We use strict recruitment policies to select the best native teachers for the WayPal teacher database. All teachers hold TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificates and have undergone training to have a better understanding of the way Chinese students think and learn. Teachers are able to follow the progress of students from early years to university covering the entire K12 period and comprehensively improving every child's English skills.

News:BFSU Launches WayPal, Its K12 Online English Education Brand

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