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UK university online application platform

UKuni is the number one choice for international students wanting to study in the UK. Our company's roots lie in international student recruitment to UK universities and this remains at the core of everything we do.

As the first UK-based organisation to hold a recruitment fair and the first to create an online partner portal, we always innovate and lead the way. We pride ourselves on our experienced recruitment and admissions teams, aiming to always provide an exceptional level of service to students, institutions and partners.

A major focus for UKuni is our website, which provides a platform for students to search, compare and apply to all UK universities for free. We provide unbiased, up to date and useful information to international students around the world. Our system utilises big data and analytics to offer suggestions to students based on their academic background and personal preferences. Students can receive live notifications and make updates to their applications through their online application portal. 


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